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All conference participants must complete a registration form in order to access the payment portal for this conference. Payment is required to secure your participation.


The conference format will include a mix of of single speaker presentations plus panel discussions. Ample time for questions and discussion amongst panel members and the audience are built into the schedule. The program will run for ½ a day starting at 8 AM EST with a breakfast going through lunch and ending by 12:30 PM.

About the Employer Provider Interface Council

Employer-Provider Interface Council (EPIC), is a sister organization of Hospital Quality Foundation (HQF), comprised of healthcare professionals dedicated to transforming employer-provider healthcare collaboration. It is the mission of EPIC to provide insight, information, and guidance to employer and provider decision makers by providing an environment that allows key stakeholders to focus thought, develop key metrics, and design care management strategies that effect change within populations of patients. Through the employer-provider interaction, EPIC serves to facilitate informed decisions on how best to structure care for the benefit of shared populations. This allows for better, more effective patient care, improved financial performance and a better overall delivery process.


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